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The Martian

 Author: Andy Weir  Category: Science Fiction  Published: September 27, 2011  Language: English  File Size: 1.8 MB  Tags: AdventureFictionHumorScience fictionSpaceSurvivalThriller |  Download PDF

The Martian by Andy Weir, is the sheer determination and resourcefulness required for survival in the harshest of environments. Mark Watney, the protagonist, is left stranded on Mars with limited supplies and no immediate way to communicate with Earth.

Literary awards

  1. Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis for Bestes ausländisches Werk (2015)
  2. John W. Campbell Memorial Award Nominee for Best Science Fiction Novel (2015)
  3.  ITW Thriller Award Nominee for Best First Novel (2015)
  4. Audie Award for Science Fiction (2015)
  5.  ALA Alex Award (2015)
  6. Premio Ignotus for Mejor Novela Extranjera (Best Foreign Novel) (2015)
  7.  本屋大賞 Nominee for Translated Fiction (2015)
  8.  Goodreads Choice Award for Science Fiction & Nominee for Debut Goodreads Author (2014) and Nominee for Best of the Best (2018)
  9.  Green Mountain Book Award (2016)
  10.  Seiun Award 星雲賞 for Best Foreign Novel (2015)
  11.  RUSA CODES Reading List for Science Fiction (2015)