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Jurassic Park

 Author: Michael Crichton  Category: Fantasy  Published: November 7, 1990  Language: English  File Size: 2 MB  Tags: AdventureClassicsFantasyFictionHorrornovelScience fictionThriller |  Download PDF


Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton explores the themes of man vs. nature, technology, and power.


The main message of this novel is to show the danger of using technology in such a way. Jurassic Park follows the characters of Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler as they are flown to an island off the coast of Costa Rica to see Jurassic Park. John Hammond has turned the island into an amusement park that holds dinosaurs. Jurassic Park takes place in the late 1980s and is a warning about modern science’s corruption. In Jurassic World, Claire trusted her team to monitor the gates at the park.

Famous Quotes:

  • “And I trust by now that you all know what the eventual outcome is going to be. You’re going to have to shut the thing down.”
  • “You ready to live dangerously?”
  • “There is absolutely no problem with the island.”
  • “We live in a world of frightful givens. It is given that you behave like this, given that you will care about that. No one thinks about the givens.”
  • “We have real dinosaurs out there now. That’s what people want to see.”
  • “If they don’t do it, someone else will.”
  • “So I wonder: have they learned, somewhere along the line, that humans are easy to kill?”
  • “Scientists are actually preoccupied with accomplishment. So they are focused on whether they can do something. They never stop to ask if they should do something.”
  • “Your doctor Wu does not even know the names of the things he is creating.
  • “And, you remember our original intent was to use the emerging technology of genetic engineering to make money. A lot of money.”
  • “From a business standpoint, that makes helping mankind a very risky business. Personally, I would never help mankind.”
  • “The planet has survived everything, in its time. It will certainly survive us.”