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Howl’s Moving Castle

 Author: Diana Wynne Jones  Category: Fantasy  Published: April 1, 1986  Language: English  File Size: 3.5 MB  Tags: AdventureClassicsFantasyFictionmagicnovelRomance |  Download PDF


Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, explores the theme of destiny, youth, courage and love.


Sophie is the oldest of three girls and works in a hat shop. Things change when the Witch of the Waste (evil bad women) puts a spell on her that makes her old. She meets the infamous wizard Howl (great character) and it takes off from there.

Famous Quotes:

“This Isn’t So Bad Now, Is It? You’re Still In Good Shape, And Your Clothes Finally Suit You.”

“It’s Been A Pleasure Meeting You, Even If You Are My Least Favorite Vegetable.”

“It Can’t Be Good For The Table.”

“I Can’t Stand The Fire And Gunpowder. Those Dopey Guys Have Absolutely No Manners.”

“One Thing You Can Always Count On Is That Hearts Change.”

“I Wonder What Howl Disguised Himself As? Surely Not A Crow. Can’t Be A Pigeon, He’s Too Flamboyant For That.”

“It’s Not Easy Being Old.”

“Seems Everyone In This Family’s Got Problems.”

“I Give Up. I See No Point In Living If I Can’t Be Beautiful.”

“They Say That The Best Blaze Burns The Brightest When Circumstances Are At Their Worst.”

“He’s Calling The Spirits Of Darkness… I Saw Him Do This Once Before When A Girl Dumped Him!”

“After The War, They Won’t Recall They Ever Were Human.”

“There You Are Sweetheart, Sorry I’m Late, I Was Looking Everywhere For You.”

“Here’s Another Curse For You – May All Your Bacon Burn.”

“A Heart’s A Heavy Burden.”

Literary awards:

  • Phoenix Award (Children’s Literature Association) (2006)
  •  Boston Globe-Horn Book Award (1987)