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 Author: Seth Rogen  Category: Autobiography  Publisher: Crown  Published: May 11, 2021  Language: English  File Size: 2.86 MB  Tags: autobiographyBiographycomedyessayHumorMemoirNonfiction |  Download PDF


Yearbook by Seth Rogen, is a time capsule of Rogen’s most hilarious experiences, mishaps, and adventures over the years as a Jewish kid in Canada, a fledgling stand-up comedian, and an established comedy writer, actor, and celebrity.

Famous Quotes:

“Never quit, but sometimes do quit, ’cause you simply might not be that good at some shit.”

“In ’97, we were fifteen and our counselors were seventeen, which, again, is like entrusting a kitten to a ferret.”

“We need shoes, sunblock, exercise, toilet paper—and weed.”

“Weed is my sunglasses. Weed is my shoes. I’m not quite cut out for this world, but weed makes it okay.”

“Whatever Disneyland is for kids who like cartoons is what Burning Man is to adults who like hallucinogens.”

“Hey, just ’cause you write something doesn’t mean anyone has to see it or hear it. It still exists just as much as anything else does, which is pretty fleeting.”

“Once I ate a weed lollipop at the Golden Globes and got so high, I had to leave early.”

“They also have an amazing seafood tower. I love a seafood tower and think more food should be served in tower formation. Sometimes pizzas get a little platform, but they’re really not living up to their potential.”

“I used to work in Winnipeg, but I had to move to Vancouver. You see, there’s not a lot of work for a mohel who shivers uncontrollably. (This is a VERY Canadian joke.)”

“There’s nothing more fun than reading a terrible review of your movie in USA Today on your phone as you walk into an interview with a journalist from USA Today.”

“How tall is he?” my female friends would ask, often before any other questions.”

“Never give up. Always do your best.”

“My first experience was great, and I did the perfect amount. But there was this nagging thought in my head. It’s not a great thought but one that I stand by: You haven’t really done a drug till you’ve done a bit too much of it.”

“People criticize weed for changing your view of reality. But sunglasses literally change your view of reality, and nobody gives them a hard time for it. Weed is my sunglasses. Weed is my shoes. I’m not quite cut out for this world, but weed makes it okay.”

Literary awards:

  • Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Humor (2021)