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Tumhain Kitna Chatay Hain

 Author: Aitabar Sajid  Category: Shairi  Language: Urdu  File Size: 2 MB  Tags: GhazalloveNazmpoetryRomanceUrdu |  Download PDF

تمھیں کتنا چاہتے ہے

Tumhain Kitna Chatay Hain By Aitabar Sajid, a collection of Urdu poetry which contains many ghazals, poems, and stanzas. The poet describes the love, which is the natural gift.  Immerse yourself in a world of emotions, as each line unveils sentiments of affection, longing, and devotion. Whether in moments of joy or solitude, ‘Tumhain Kitna Chahte Hain’ captures the essence of love’s boundless journey.