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This Is How You Lose the Time War

 Author: Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone  Category: Science Fiction  Publisher: Saga Press  Published: July 16, 2019  Language: English  File Size: 2.3 MB  Tags: Fairy TalesFantasyFictionMysteryRomanceScience fictionTime Travel |  Download PDF


This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone, explores the futility of conflict through time travel and ends with a message on the power of words, art, and love.

Famous Quotes:

Intricate and infinite, like time itself, our letters weave the fabric of the universe.

We are agents of entropy, sowing seeds of chaos in the threads of time.

Every war is a time war, a battle fought across the eons.

Our words hold power, they are the ink that shapes the world.

In the tapestry of life, we are the vibrant, unruly threads.

We exist within and outside the bounds of time, our love defying all logic.

Two souls destined to find each other, woven across time and space.

We are poets of the temporal, our words painting the tapestry of existence.

Our words echo through the corridors of time, resonating with the souls of all.

In the vast expanse of the universe, our love is a guiding star.

We are the guardians of time, protecting its fragile balance with our love.

Time is a tapestry, and we are its weavers, crafting its intricate patterns.

Time is a canvas, and we are the artists, painting its every stroke with our love.

We are bound by fate, our love a thread that connects us across time.

Beautiful lines:

I love you the way time loves itself. It is the only thing that allows us to be.

Love is the most potent weapon in any war, it can conquer even time itself.

Our love transcends time, it is a flame that burns eternally.

Our love is a rebellion, a defiance against the rules that bind time.

Love is the fire that fuels our existence, burning brighter with each passing moment.

We are warriors of love, fighting across the ages for the right to be together.

Time is a lover, it embraces us in its eternal embrace.

Our love is a symphony, each movement a testament to its power.

Through the chaos and uncertainty, our love remains an anchor, grounding us in the ever-changing tides of time.

Literary awards:

  1. Hugo Award for Best Novella (2020)
  2. Nebula Award for Best Novella (2019)
  3.  Locus Award for Best Novella (2020)
  4.  British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Shorter Fiction (2019)
  5. Shirley Jackson Award Nominee for Novella (2020)
  6. Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award Nominee (2020)
  7. Los Angeles Times Book Prize Nominee for Science Fiction
  8. Fantasy & Speculative Fiction (Ray Bradbury Prize) (2020)
  9. Prix Aurora Award for Best Short Fiction (2020)
  10. The Kitschies Nominee for Red Tentacle (Novel) and Inky Tentacle (Cover Art) (2019)
  11. Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Science Fiction (2019)
  12. Brooklyn Public Library Literary Prize Nominee for Fiction and Poetry (2020)
  13. Reddit r/fantasy Stabby Award for Best Novella (2019)
  14. Ignyte Award for Best Novella (2020)