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Things We Left Behind

 Author: Lucy Score  Category: Romance  Publisher: That's What She Said Publishing  Published: September 5, 2023  Language: English  File Size: 4.5 MB  Tags: ContemporaryFictionKnockemout seriesnovelRomanceSuspense |  Download PDF


Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score explores themes of trust, family, and the power of love


It is the third and final book in Lucy Score’s Knockemout series. Lucian Rollins, a driven mogul seeking vengeance, crosses paths with the determined small-town librarian, Sloane Walton. Despite their initial dislike for each other, a passionate one-night stand ignites a complicated relationship, but Lucian’s fear of endangering Sloane keeps them at an impasse.

Famous Quotes:

“I know you well enough to understand you take every precaution to protect those you care about. My concern is for you. Do you give yourself the same care?”

“In a fair and just world, Ansel Rollins would have lived out his full sentence, and the day of his release, he would have suffered a painful and traumatic death. Instead, he’d managed to escape his punishment due to a stroke that had quietly ended his life in his sleep. The unfairness of it had the rage rattling that locked box inside me.”

“That was what we did. We left things alone. The only acknowledgment of our shared past was the bitter aftertaste that colored every interaction. Neither one of us was going to forgive or forget. We would just continue pretending it didn’t still eat away at us.”

Knockemout series:

1) Things We never got over (January 13, 2022)

2) Things We Hide from the Light (February 21, 2023)

3) Things We Left Behind (September 5, 2023)