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Steve Jobs

 Author: Walter Isaacson  Category: Biography  Published: October 1, 2011  Language: English  File Size: 9.3 MB  Tags: BiographyBusinessHistoryLeadershipMemoirNonfictionTechnology |  Download PDF


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, explores six themes that define how Jobs is remembered:

  1. His knack for innovation
  2. His black-and-white thinking
  3. His drive to merge technology with design
  4. His dictatorial leadership style
  5. His emphasis on product over profit
  6. His denial of any unwelcome reality


Steve was an intense man with a rollercoaster life, but he did not want any control over this biography. A minded perfectionist, he had a vision of changing the world through technology. In this best-selling ebook, you’ll learn that while perfectionism and desire drove Jobs to achieve greatness, it was his personality that was the cause of discord and conflict.

Famous Quotes:

One way to remember who you are is to remember who your heroes are.

If you act like you can do something, then it will work.

People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint.

Steve Jobs: The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Was he smart? No, not exceptionally. Instead, he was a genius.

Otherwise, as Dylan says, if you’re not busy being born, you’re busy dying.

If you can’t keep him interested, that’s your fault.

In the first 30 years of your life, you make your habits. For the last 30 years of your life, your habits make you.

Form follows emotion.

There are parts of his life and personality that are extremely messy, and that’s the truth.

Reality has an odd habit of catching up with satire.

The best and most innovative products don’t always win…(it’s an) aesthetic flaw in how the universe worked.

Literary awards:

  • Financial Times Business Book of the Year Nominee for Shortlist (2012),
  • Goodreads Choice Award for History & Biography (2011),
  •  Premio Know Square (2011)