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Killers of the Flower Moon

 Author: David Grann  Category: History  Publisher: Doubleday  Published: April 18, 2017  Language: English  File Size: 5.1 MB  Tags: American HistoryCrimeHistoricalHistoryMysteryNonfictionTrue Crime |  Download PDF


Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann, explores the theme of

  • Racism and Exploitation
  • American Entitlement, Greed, and Corruption
  • History, Truth, and Lies

Famous Quotes:

  • The devil’s business is not to be long about his work.
  • Evil is like a ghost, it takes possession of a person’s soul.
  • The greed for wealth can turn even the most decent people into monsters.
  • The past is never truly dead. It is not even past.
  • In the midst of tragedy, one can always find acts of heroism and compassion.
  • Power can corrupt even the most noble individuals.
  • History has a way of repeating itself if we don’t confront our past.
  • Sometimes the pursuit of justice requires immense sacrifice.
  • The land holds the secrets of the past, waiting to be uncovered.
  • The only way to truly understand a tragedy is to listen to the voices of those who lived it.
  • The victims are the ones who truly bear the weight of a crime.
  • Injustice flourishes when those in power turn a blind eye.
  • Fear can cloud judgment and perpetuate injustice.
  • There is strength in unity, even in the face of overwhelming oppression.
  • The fight for justice is a long and arduous road, but it is worth every step.
  • The power of truth can never be extinguished.
  • The fight for justice requires unwavering determination and resilience.
  • Sometimes the most dangerous villains are the ones in positions of power.
  • The truth can be a powerful weapon against corruption and oppression.
  • History has a way of revealing its secrets, no matter how hard someone tries to hide them.
  • Justice can be slow, but it can also be relentless.
  • The fight for justice often begins with shedding light on the darkest corners of society.
  • Injustice thrives when we allow ourselves to be blinded by ignorance.
  • The pursuit of justice is a moral obligation that transcends time and place.
  • The legacy of tragedy can be transformed into inspiration for change.

Literary awards:

  1. Anthony Award for Best Critical/NonFiction Work (2018)
  2.  Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime (2018)
  3. Andrew Carnegie Medal Nominee for Nonfiction (2018)
  4. National Book Award Finalist for Nonfiction (2017)
  5. Spur Award for Best Western Historical Nonfiction (2018)
  6. Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for History & Biography (2017)
  7.  Brooklyn Public Library Literary Prize Nominee for Nonfiction (2017)
  8. ALCS Dagger for Non-fiction Nominee (2018)