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Grimms Fairy Tale

 Author: The Brothers Grimm  Category: Fairy tale  Published: January 1, 1812  Language: English  File Size: 1.6 MB  Tags: Children's literatureClassicsFairy TalesFantasyFictionGerman LiteratureMythologyshort stories |  Download PDF


Grimms Fairy Tale by The Brothers Grimm, explore themes of good versus evil, consequences for actions, and the importance of virtue.


The tales are about children and families and how they reacted to the difficult conditions under which they lived. The Grimms thought the stories and their morals emanated naturally from the German people in an oral tradition, and they wanted to preserve them before the tales were lost forever.
They established a methodology for collecting and recording folk stories that became the foundation for folklore studies.

List of stories:

  1. The Golden Bird
  2. Hans in Luck
  3. Jorinda and Jorindel
  4. The Travelling Musicians
  5. Old Sultan
  6. The Straw, The Coal, And The Bean
  7. Briar Rose
  8. The Dog And The Sparrow
  9. The Twelve Dancing Princesses
  10. The Fisherman And His Wife
  11. The Willow-Wren And The Bear
  12. The Frog-Prince
  13. Cat And Mouse In Partnership
  14. The Goose-Girl
  15. The Adventures Of Chanticleer And
  16. Rapunzel
  17. Fundevogel
  18. The Valiant Little Tailor
  19. Hansel And Gretel
  20. The Mouse, The Bird, And The Sausage
  21. Mother Holle
  22. Little Red-Cap
  23. The Robber Bridegroom
  24. Tom Thumb
  25. Rumpelstiltskin
  26. CLever Gretel
  27. The Old Man And His Grandson
  28. The Little Peasant
  29. Frederick And Cathrine
  30. Sweetheart Roland
  31. Snowfrop
  32. The Pink
  33. Clever Elsie
  34. The Miser In The Bush
  35. Ashputtel
  36. The White Snake
  37. The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids
  38. The Queen Bee
  39. The Elves And The Shoemaker
  40. the Juniper-Tree
  41. The Turnip
  42. Clever Hans
  43. The Three Languages
  44. The Fox And The Cat
  45. The Four Clever Brothers
  46. Lily And The Lion
  47. The Fox And The Horse
  48. The Blue Light
  49. The Raven
  50. The Golden Goose
  51. The Water Of Life
  52. The Twelve Huntsmen
  53. The King Of The Golden Mountain
  54. Doctor Knowall
  55. The Seven Ravens
  56. The Wedding Of Mrs Fox
  57. The Salad
  58. The Story Of The Youth Who Went…
  59. King Grisly-Beard
  60. Oron Hans
  61. Cat-Skin
  62. Snow-White And Rose-Red