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 Author: Isaac Asimov  Category: Science Fiction  Published: August 30, 1951  Language: English  File Size: 46.8 MB  Tags: ClassicsFantasyFictionnovelScience fictionSpaceSpace OperaSpeculative Fiction |  Download PDF


Foundation by Isaac Asimov, explores the theme of how psychohistory influences the world and what future knowledge means in terms of power and time.


It examines the rise and fall of civilizations, the role of knowledge and science in shaping the future, and the struggle for power in a universe undergoing significant change.

Famous Quotes:

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Wisdom lies not in possessing all the answers, but in asking the right questions.

The science of psychohistory may yet be developed. But I wouldn’t wait for it.

I suspect that these are not merely simplifications; they are the essence of the truth.

The Empire will disappear in the shadow of its past glories.

The power to question is the basis of all human progress.

Without the possibility of failure, there can be no new beginnings.

Ideas do not die easily; they merely fade away.

A popular idea is not always a correct one.

The pattern of history is never linear; it is a tapestry of interconnected events.

In times of crisis, true leaders emerge.

Only through understanding our past can we shape our future.

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to resolve it.

The greatest weapon against tyranny is knowledge.

Belief in oneself is the first step towards achieving greatness.

The true measure of a civilization is its treatment of its weakest members.

Change is inevitable; it is how we adapt to it that defines our destiny.

It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak, not exploit them.

The will to survive is the most powerful force in the universe.

Progress is a marathon, not a sprint.

The greatest ideas often come from the most unexpected places.

To control others is to control oneself.

The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey, not a destination.

The power of the mind is the ultimate weapon.

Beware the manipulation of information; it can distort reality.

Fear is the enemy of progress.

The path to success is paved with failures.

Hope is the catalyst for change.

Literary awards:

  • Premi Ictineu for Millor il·lustració de coberta (2023)