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English Fairy Tales

 Author: Joseph Jacobs  Category: Fairy tale  Published: January 1, 1890  Language: English  File Size: 1.3 MB  Tags: British LiteratureChildren's literatureClassicsFairy TalesFantasyFictionFolkloremagical storyMythologyshort stories |  Download PDF


English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs, explores the theme of beauty, heroism, and virtue.

All fairy tales attempt to help people know how to be good people.


Fairy tales show that people face adversity, but, if they believe in themselves, they can overcome obstacles. Stories can help children confront real-life fears and anxieties in a fantastical setting.

List of stories:

  1. Tom tit tot
  2. The three sillies
  3. The rose-tree
  4. The old woman and her pig
  5. How jack went to seek
  6. His fortune
  7. Mr. Vinegar
  8. Nix nought nothing
  9. Jack Hannaford
  10. Binnorie
  11. Mouse and mouser
  12. Cap o’ rushes
  13. Teeny-tiny
  14. Jack and the beanstalk
  15. The master and his pupil
  16. Titty mouse and tatty mouse
  17. Jack and his golden snuff-box
  18. The story of the three bears
  19. Jack the giant-killer
  20. Henny-penny
  21. Childe Rowland
  22. Molly Whuppie
  23. The red ettin
  24. The golden arm
  25. The history of Tom Thumb
  26. Mr. Fox
  27. Lazy Jack
  28. Johnny-cake
  29. Earl Mar’s daughter
  30. Mr. Miacca
  31. Whittington and his cat
  32. The strange visitor
  33. The laidly worm of Spindleston Heugh
  34. The cat and the mouse
  35. The fish and the ring
  36. The magpie’s nest
  37. Kate Crackernuts
  38. The cauld lad of Hilton
  39. The ass, the table, and the stick
  40. Fairy ointment
  41. The well of the world’s end
  42. Master of all masters
  43. The three heads of the well.