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A Short History of Nearly Everything

 Author: Bill Bryson  Category: History  Published: January 1, 2003  Language: English  File Size: 28.5 MB  Tags: HistoricalHistoryHumorNonfictionPhilosophyPhysicsScience |  Download PDF

Existence, Awe, and Survival

In A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson argues that life on Earth is essentially a long shot. The slightest differences in cosmic, geological, and biological events throughout Earth’s history would have prevented life from being created at all.

It explores the most important past scientific discoveries in a truly fascinating way. Not only can you find out exactly how scientists went about measuring the distance between the Earth and the Sun, but you can also read about feuds between famous scientists with opposing viewpoints.

Literary awards

  • Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction Nominee (2004)
  • EU Descartes Prize for science communication (2005)
  • J. A. Hollon palkinto¬†(2006)