12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

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Jordan Peter created 12 rules for life which define meaning and purpose to live your whole life. There are fundamental rules that resist us to be more responsible in our life. You can re-establish your path and direction in your life. We don’t like rules and regulations we know that rules bring stability. So, we need a structure to track our path. Get your life in order and do the best for yourself, your society and the world at large.

12 Rules for Life:

Rule 1: Fix your Posture

You have to stand up straight with your shoulders back. Speak up and make eye contact can signals confidence to yourself and others. Just face the reality and take responsibility of what you have and what you want to be. People with strong self-esteem feel/transmit a sense of security and confidence, which makes them more attractive and respected. This improves their productivity and well-being, which further reinforces their self-perception

Rule 2: Care for yourself like how you’d care for someone else

You have to treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. Just do care for all things about yourself first then you can take care of other things. As, we all know health is wealth. Your first priority will always be taking care for ourself.

Rule 3: Surround yourself with people who want the best for you

You have to make friends with people who want the best for you. As, your success depends on people around you who can push you towards right path. You have to cut off toxic relationships to become a better person and get a healthy production life.

Rule 4: Improve your own game instead of playing others’

You have to compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today. Your success rate depends on improving yourself day by day while analyzing your past. In wholesome, develop a proper structure of your task and improve it consistently to get best results. Don’t involve in someone else life to improve your. But take risk and get more confidence to look forward.

Rule 5: Teach your children to abide by society’s rules

You have not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them. Children learn with your actions not from your words. Parents must set clear boundaries for their kids which would be beneficiary for their whole life. Social-Cultural skills are learning day by day. A good socialization plays an important role that how this world human society live together.

Rule 6: Get your own house in order before criticizing others

You have to set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world. Be a peace maker person who brings positive impact in own house and as well as in this world. They first setup their house and easily deal each problem and find out the best possible solution. On the other hand, toxic person are more problematic one who always bring negative things at first.

Rule 7: Focus on a higher purpose, not instant gratification

You have to pursue what is meaningful. Like, we do lot of unusual things which has no meaning and purpose. It’s all just waste of time. So, focus on each task and goal to just discover and explore new things. It will add value in your life forever

Rule 8: Find your personal truth and live it

You have to tell the truth and don’t lie. Firstly, don’t lie with yourself and then not with others. Because when we don’t face exact situation in your life and get stuck. It will affect your mental health. Ultimately, your whole life will get disturbed.

Rule 9: Learn to be a good listener

You have to assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t. People must be a good listener, who will help others to find out best solution of their problems. Show sympathy to other will definitely helpful for other.

Rule 10: Define your problem precisely to make it manageable

You have to be precise in your speech. Look your problem deeply and make a list of possible solutions. Once you clarify your problem, you can manage it properly. Be a problem solver person to create better environment.

Rule 11: Accept that inequality exists

You don’t bother children when they are skateboarding. There and inequality exist with society upon the race, class and gender. As, men oppress women and hierarchies created by rich to exploit poor.

Rule 12: Take time to appreciate the good things in life

You have to appreciate the good things in life. Write a journal in which you write all good things that happened in your life. It’s a good way to remember and stay positive. Also appreciate others as do good with other than good things come to you.


He believes that the way to live a free and full life is to embrace rules that help you to do good in life. He suggests that Good is the simply the prevention of Evil, and good rules that reduce unnecessary human suffering will help us to live better lives. 12 Rules for Life helps us to see things from a different perspective and to balance the good and bad in life so life seems worth living.


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